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0% Added Sugar

0% Chemicals

100% All Natural

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We source the highest quality old world wines so we can share them with you.

Secco Wine Club works with numerous vineyards to ensure all grapes are grown to old world organic standards, dry farmed (non-irrigated) and small family owned (no big factory). This means brighter, bolder and more vibrant wines.

Product Benefits


0 Added Sugar, 0 Chemicals, Eco Friendly – Non Irrigated, Non GMO, Vegan, Gluten Free, Natural Wines. “Old World

Tasted & Tested


All wines are hand selected to make sure they are not only delicious, but also lab tested to our standards to ensure you enjoy all the good that wine has to offer and none of the bad.

Source Verified


Produced from our family-owned single vineyards that practices old world organic standards. No factories, no-GMOs, wine made for families, not mass production.


Added Sugar in an average bottle of non-Secco Wine

Secco Wine Club’s curated wine selection only has natural sugars [less than 3g a bottle]. We do not believe in adding sugars to our wines.


Chemicals Added

“Old World Organic Farming” means no added chemicals just to add colors or taste. 0 Chemicals added makes it 100% Natural.

Exclusivity in a Wine Club – The Way You Like It

Become a Secco Wine Club Member to express your enthusiasm and passion for wine and life, alike. Our Wine Club Members receive shipments of cleanest and healthiest wines, delivered straight to your door (complimentary shipping). Members also enjoy several exclusive member-only discounts, event invitations, and other benefits.
With all memberships you are able to customize shipments to your personal tastes by selecting all reds, all whites, or mixed. 



With my busy life, I don’t have time to feel “under the weather” after I drink a glass or two of wine, so when I found Secco Wine Club and was able to be at 7:00 am boot camp the next morning I knew I found the perfect wines for me! As somebody who is active and conscious of what I consume, I care about the origins and ingredients of what I eat and drink-it matters and I appreciate that Secco Wine Club wines are chosen to align with my lifestyle.

Jenny Pieratt

PhD Small Business Owner, Triathlete, Mommy

Finally…the way wine is supposed to taste. For as much as I love wine, I am happy to have found one that tastes “guilt-free”. Pure, clean and yummy – who can say no to that! I’ve shared some bottles with my clients too, and they’ve loved it (though it’s hard to part with them) Thank you Secco Wine Club for making it easy for this Italian to enjoy great wine from her Motherland. I look forward to my delivery every month.

Nadia Colucci

Realtor Extraordinaire / Volleyball & Zumba Nut / Wanderlust Traveler

We entertain often, so as Secco Wine Club members we always have an amazing Secco bottle to share with our friends and family. Thank you Secco!

Julie Persall

Fitness Nut/ California Mama

This club is perfect for the wine lover who doesn’t love a headache and is looking for a clean option that can’t be found from the usual big factory brands at the store. The chiantis are my favorite!


CCF Executive, Mom, Athlete

Secco Wine Club is the perfect wine club for all of us who love our wine, but not the unnecessary added sugars & chemicals! Cheers to healthful living!


Executive Director with Beautycounter and proud mama to two beauties

Leading an active life, I love that I can be confident in choosing healthy and guilt free wine! Not to mention, the wine is fantastic!!

Nicole Tinoco

Orange Theory Instructor, Fit4Mom Instructor

I love Secco Wine Club because it is phenomenally rich and smooth, I know it’s great for my cardiovascular health, and the fact that it has virtually zero added sugar or sulfites keeps it aligned with my passion for health and wellness.

Shari Corona

Registered Nurse and Yogi

As a family, we are constantly trying to educate ourselves further on how to live a healthy lifestyle and make better buying decisions as consumers. When we were introduced to Secco it immediately struck our attention. Not only is the wine phenomenal, we were educated on what’s really going on in the wine industry – we had no idea. This is Italian wine at its finest & we highly recommend anyone looking for wine in its purest form & the way it should be. Give Secco a try! Highly recommend.

Stephanie Friedman

Director @ Beautycounter / Wellness Junkie/ Mama & wifey to 2 amazing guys

Secco Wine Club is amazing. I love receiving new delicious wines to try every month. Most importantly, I can absolutely taste the difference in their healthy selections. It’s nice to know that the wine I am drinking is made from old world organic methods and doesn’t have any nasty chemicals or sugar added to it.

Angelina Collins