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10 Wine Podcasts You Should Listen To and WHY

Are you wine-curious but don’t have time to watch a documentary or read a book? Luckily, we’ve got 10 wine podcasts to educate, entertain, and pique your curiosity.


If you haven’t found your favorite podcast yet, get ready to take notes! When it comes to the subject of wine, there are TONS of podcasts to choose from. That’s why we’re making it easy for you to narrow it down with ten of our favorite wine podcasts.

These podcasts are hosted by professional sommeliers and amateur enthusiasts alike. Plus, they include a diverse mix of personalities, skills, and cultures. Here are 10 wine podcasts you should check out right NOW!

Wine for Normal People

You’re a normal person, right? Well, no matter your level of normalcy, you’re sure to enjoy this podcast. 

Sommelier Elizabeth Schneider hosts the Wine for Normal People podcast with her “normal-person” husband, M.C. Ice. The pair aims to describe wine in a way that anyone can understand. Understandably, Wine for Normal People features relatable interviews that all types of wine-lovers can enjoy. Plus, the podcast also includes information about various grape varieties, growing regions, and general industry topics.  

Swirl Suite

Time to get that swirl on! Swirl Suite is hosted by gal pals Sarita, Tanisha, Leslie, and Glynis, and offers a fresh take on all things wine. 

Swirl Suite listeners are treated to a rich discussion of the wine industry, served up with a dash of style and humor. Recently, the perspectives of people of color within the wine industry have FINALLY begun getting the awareness they deserve. Swirl Suite is a prime example! That being said, if you’re looking for a podcast with viewpoints from often overlooked wine lovers, you’ll love this!

Wine Blast

Peter Richards and Susie Barrie are accomplished Masters of Wine, hosts of the popular podcast Wine Blast, and are frequently debating each other over anything wine-related. Additionally, they’re also husband and wife which makes for some pretty funny episodes. 

The show is for everyone,” says the couple, “from wine pros to those who simply have an open mind, healthy thirst, and fancy a laugh.” Additionally, they add that they “manage to find almost infinite ways to disagree about wine.” 

Wine Blast episodes are light-hearted and humorous, including interviews, chats, recipes, and wine pairings. Admittedly, the podcast wouldn’t be complete without its bits of marital oversharing and gentle bickering.  

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The SOMM TV Podcast

Calling all fans of the SOMM series! This podcast is for YOU! Well, and for anyone else with a passion for the wine industry. 

Hosted by Jason Wise, director of the SOMM films, this is a podcast “about everything.” Wise covers a range of topics on The SOMM TV Podcast, and often ventures well beyond the subject of wine. The SOMM TV Podcast includes chats related to the SOMM films, additional celebrity news, and also features unique perspectives on food, beer, spirits, and wine (of course). 

The Unreserved Wine Talk

Natalie MacLean is an award-winning journalist who’s been writing about wine for 20 years. With her podcast, The Unreserved Wine Talk, MacLean is on a mission to prove that enjoying wine isn’t just for “fancy” people. Furthermore, MacLean offers practical advice for listeners.

From how to select wine from a restaurant menu, how to spot great deals when shopping at the liquor store, and much more. The Unreserved Wine Talk features “candid conversations with the most fascinating people in the wine world.” Additionally, it includes embarrassing stories and life lessons learned by MacLean throughout her years spent in the industry. 

For a podcast that’s as informative as it is inspiring, check out The Unreserved Wine Talk.   

Napa Valley Wine Academy: The Stories Behind Wine

This podcast by The Napa Valley Wine Academy shares insightful stories, histories, and perspectives that exist behind the scenes of the wine industry. For example, experts within the industry are featured in each episode. They then share personal stories from their experiences within the wide world of wine. 

The Napa Valley Wine Academy refers to itself as “America’s Premier Wine School.” Indeed, they do offer sommelier classes for those who wish to become professionals. Conversely, even armchair-level experts will enjoy The Stories Behind Wine. It’s educational, thought-provoking, and entertaining. 

For a fascinating glimpse behind the scenes of the wine-making industry, give The Napa Valley Wine Academy podcast a listen. 

Sip, Sip, Hooray!

Hooray, indeed—we’re headed to the west coast! This California-based podcast is fun, informative, and interactive. 

Sip, Sip, Hooray! is hosted by Mary Orlin and Mary Babbitt. Admittedly, it’s primarily focused on the areas of Napa, Santa Cruz, and the Livermore Valley. So, if you’ve been interested in those wine areas, you’re going to LOVE this podcast.

Both Orlin and Babbitt are accomplished wine experts, with multiple awards (including Emmys) to their names. Despite their impressive expertise, Orlin and Babbit host their podcast with a laid-back and inviting style, often answering questions from listeners on-air. 

Guild of Sommeliers: GuildSomm Podcast

With a title like that, you can bet that this organization knows its wine stuff. The nonprofit organization launched the GuildSomm Podcast in 2012, led by master sommelier and president of the Guild, Geoff Kruth. 

The GuildSomm Podcast is a favorite of many industry professionals and serves as an educational resource, a place for networking, and much more. In particular, The GuildSomm Podcast is popular for sharing expert insight from wine industry leaders. Additionally, it regularly features high-quality speakers in interviews and chats. 

For an impressive look into the industry from the professionals that know it best, check out the GuildSomm Podcast. 

Grape Minds

Grape Minds and great minds think alike! Hosts Julie Glenn and Gina Birch do too. Grape Minds is an NPR podcast that “looks beyond the glass to the stories of winemaking, culture, and the history of the world’s most intriguing beverage.” 

Led by Glenn and Birch, who enjoy the occasional banter on their show, Grape Minds is witty, funny, and delightfully down to Earth. The podcast episodes are short, sassy, and make for light and easy listening. For a fun podcast that’s educational without being overbearing, check out NPR’s Grape Minds. 

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I’ll Drink to That

Rounding out the list of our favorite wine podcasts is Levi Dalton’s show, I’ll Drink to That. Dalton hosts the podcast from his self-described tiny apartment, where he interviews famous personalities from the wine industry. 

A former sommelier himself, Dalton gets his guests to open up and talk candidly about the nature of their work. Ultimately, they end up sharing fascinating stories and perspectives from their lives. With episodes sometimes lasting an hour and a half or more, be ready to settle in for a while with your favorite glass. 

A wine-filled evening spent listening, learning, and relaxing? We’ll drink to that!  

Listen and Learn About Wine With Podcasts!

The world of wine is complex and fascinating, and we LOVE exploring it. Listening to wine-related podcasts is one of the many ways to learn more about the industry, and we hope you’ve found something here to be entertained or inspired by. 

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