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What’s the difference between Secco Wine Club Wines and PALO61 Wines?

There is no difference in the purity of any of our wines…all wines are KETO, PALEO and LOW CARB Friendly….dry farmed, 0 added sugar, 0 chemicals, 0 pesticides, 100% Vegan, 100% Gluten Free, 100% Non GMO and made by us for our community.

Here is the difference:
Secco Wine Club Wines – we offer a wide variety of wines (red, white and rose) from our vineyards…these wines have been tested and selected based on details listed above. All of the nutritional and lab reports can be found online for each wine.
PALO61 Wines- these wines (red, white and rose) are made specifically for the KETO, PALEO and LOW CARB community also with the details listed above. We proudly offer these wines at a lower retail price point so everyone can enjoy and we have gone through the extra process of securing a Nutrition Label on each bottle.

Can I find your wines at retail?

Not at the moment.  We’ve chosen to offer our wines exclusively online for our community.  This was done intentionally so that we can offer our premium low carb / sugar free wines at a reasonable price.

Do you have a vineyard?

Yes, we are proud to own and operate our vineyard in Tuscany where we adhere to a strict dry farming practice.  We own the entire process from “Grape to Glass”….this allows us to have full control of the wine making process and ensure all of our wines are made with 0 sugar, 0 chemicals, dry farmed grapes, NON GMO, Vegan, etc….  This is also provides us with the opportunity to secure a nutrition label on all of our PALO61 Wines.

Can I book a tour / stay at your vineyard in Tuscany?

Absolutely, we’d love to have you taste some of our wines while touring our vineyard. If you are interested please reach out to


What are your prices?
Our prices are all listed online for your review. We offer our community the ability to purchase by the bottle or become a member of one of our many clubs and receive discounted pricing and complementary shipping each month.

We always suggest trying a bottle or three before joining a club to make sure you enjoy your selection before becoming a member.

Do I have to be a club member to enjoy your wine?
ABSOLUTELY NOT….anyone is welcome to experience our wines…NO MEMBERSHIP REQUIRED. You can buy as few as one bottle or as many as you’d like without being a club member. It’s our belief that after you experience our wines you’ll want nothing more than to become a member. Members receive discounted bottle pricing and complementary shipping each month…membership has its privileges☺
When do you ship club orders?
Your first club order will be processed immediately and shipped ASAP.  Depending upon your selection of shipment frequency (monthly or every other month) you will then begin to receive your wines at the beginning of each month depending on frequency chosen.  If you ever have any questions about your shipment please email
How do I add more wines to my monthly club shipments to take advantage of complementary shipping?
We will email you a week before each wine club shipment and at that point you can add more wines to your monthly club shipment and take advantage of complementary shipping. You can always email and a friendly team member will help you out too.
Do I have to order a certain amount of wine?
You can order as few as one bottle and as many as you’d like. When you order 12 bottles you do receive a volume discount….just something to consider
If I like a specific wine can I order more?
Of course….if you find a wine that you simply can’t live without, then by all means order away. We’d hate to see you do without ☺. While some clubs operate with minimal supply we do our best to make sure our wines are available on your demand.

Warning- we will run out of a style from time to time since we only have so much to wine provide given our small vineyard.  Certain vintages are limited, but we do our best to keep our inventory available.

I have a special event this weekend can I have my wine rush ordered?
We do offer special overnight delivery….please note that these orders need to be placed by Wednesday in order to process and arrive to your door by Friday. There is a small overnight fee that will be charged for these requests based on our rates with carrier and your location.
How does your membership work?

Secco Wine Club offers numerous membership offerings since we know everyone is unique in their wine needs.  Below is a quick rundown on what we offer:

PALO61 Wines- made specifically for our community…

  • Bottle options- 3, 6, 12
  • Style options- Red, White, Rose, Mix (Mix includes red, white and rose)
  • Frequency- Monthly or Every Other Month

Secco Wine Club Wines- wines that are selected from our vineyard to offer more variety to our members.  Think of it as a surprise in a box each month

  • Bottle options- 3, 6, 12
  • Style options- Red, White, Mix (Mix includes Red and White)
    • Note- Mix Orders will have majority Red
    • Ex- 3 bottles mix= 2 red bottles (2 different styles) and 1 white bottle
    • Ex- 6 bottles mix= 4 red bottles (2 different styles) and 2 white bottles(1style)
    • Ex- 12 bottles mix= 8 red bottles (2 different styles) and 4 white bottles (1 style)
  • Frequency- Monthly or Every Other Month
Why should I become a club member?

This is an easy one Very simple

  • Complementary shipping on all club shipments
  • Discount pricing on all bottles
  • Wines delivered right to your door at the beginning of each month
How much time does it take to process and receive my order?

Our team is passionate about making sure your wines arrive safe and quickly.  We know you rely on us to delivery only the best wines in the world….so time is critical

Wine orders will typically take up to 2 business days to process. You’ll get an email confirmation when your order is received and another email when your order is being shipped! 

Shipping times vary between a couple of days to a week depending on what part of the country you live in.

Summer Shipping Note-  If we are shipping during the summer months (June, July, August, September) you can expect longer delivery times since we ship with temperature controlled vehicles with ice packs in each box.  It may take longer….but the wine arrives safely.


How long do shipments usually take?

In our opinion, not fast enough! If it were up to us, we’d use magic to get them to you instantaneously. But without magic, a typical shipment will take up to 2 business days to process in our warehouse, and then around 2-3 business days to reach an address on the West Coast and 5-7 business days for an address on the East Coast.

As soon as your package leaves our warehouse, it’s assigned a tracking number that we send to you via email. That way, you’ll know the exact day to expect your wines. We call this the Happy Day. 🙂

Do you offer overnight delivery options?

Yes, we do….if you have an emergency wine situation you can always place a rush order to have your wine delivered overnight. So just remember….we process orders next day…EX- Order is placed on Tuesday (overnight delivery)….order is processed on Wednesday and it will arrive at your location on Thursday.
If you need wine by the weekend please make sure that your overnight order is placed by no later than Wednesday☺
There is an additional charge for overnight delivery that varies depending upon where you live.

Why does my wine need a signature upon delivery?

This is based on federal alcohol laws (not our rules), UPS requires an adult over the age of 21 with a valid government ID to provide a signature for every wine shipment. It doesn’t have to be the recipient of the shipment that signs, just someone who is of drinking age.
UPS will make 3 attempts to deliver your wines to the shipping address on file. If for some reason they miss you… the wine will be held at your closest UPS customer center or fulfillment center free of charge for up to five business days, where they’ll be available for pick up.
It’s highly recommended that if you don’t work from home that you ship to a business address or to someone who will be at home and can sign for the delivery. While we do provide tracking information with each order…there is no time guarantee for delivery on a certain day.

I missed my delivery….now what?

Luckily we rely on the good team at UPS to delivery our wines. They will make 3 attempts to deliver your wine…if for some reason you are not available to sign for your delivery they will leave a note. If for some bizarre reason you can’t be home three times they will hold at a UPS pick up / drop off location or send back to us.
WE HIGHLY SUGGEST- if you do not work from home…please ship to a business location or to someone who works from home.

If my wine is damaged in transit what should I do?

Simply email with images of the damaged box / wine and we will hook you up no problem.

Can you ship to Hawaii and Alaska?

Yes, absolutely….but there will be an additional shipping charge added to your order. While this isn’t great news…the best news is that you can enjoy our wines in two of the most beautiful places on the planet.

How do I change my shipping address?

Simply email and one of our team members will update your information promptly.

How do I update my credit card info?

We can always update credit cards that have been lost, stolen, or simply replaced…email hello@seccowineclub and a team member will update your information ASAP.

How do I modify my membership?

If you want to place a hold on your membership, increase/decrease bottle counts, add wine to your monthly shipment, etc… always reach out to for support and a friendly team member will assist


What is your cancellation policy?

Pretty simple….you can place a hold on your shipments at any time and cancel your membership at any time.  We’d hate to see you leave our community, but we know things come up that may cause you to leave. Email for any request to postpone or cancel your future shipments.

How can I change my membership options?

Send an email to and let us know what you would like to modify.  On of our friendly team members will make the adjustment ASAP.

How do I change the email on my account?

Email and we will update for you….we know you don’t have time to do all of the backend updates…you joined our community to enjoy wine 


How are your wines so low in sugar and carbs?

All of our wines are lab tested to ensure each wine being shipped to your door meets our high standards. That means 0added sugar, 0 chemicals, 0 pesticides, 100% NON-GMO, 100% Vegan and 100% dry-farmed vineyards.

The key as usual for our low sugar / low carb wines comes from a combination of dry farming (no irrigation) and old-world organic wine making (natural fermentation).

All of our wines are allowed to fully ferment without interruption, so the natural yeasts have a chance to consume all of the sugar from the grape juice. At that point, the yeasts turn the sugar from the grape into alcohol. Our wine makers us no chemicals or artificial sweeteners in the wine making process…resulting in beautifully tasting wines that are low sugar and low carb.

This process allows us to provide wines that are KETO, PALEO, and LOW CARB FRIENDLY. Also, it’s friendly to our community that simply want to feel good the next day after having a couple of glasses of wine the night before ☺

What is the alcohol % for your wines?

We have proudly provided this information on our website. All of our wines are below 13% ABV….which is an important marker to be aware of as it is a key indicator that our wines have naturally fermented without interruption.

How many calories are in your wines?

Caloric levels for all of our wines are listed online in our wine product descriptions. Calories in wines are driven by alcohol % and since our wines stay at an alcohol level that is lower than the conventional wine industry we are able to provide our community with naturally lower calorie wines.

What's the best way to serve your wines?
We always suggest serving wines paired with meals as they were naturally meant to be. We have provided helpful pairing notes with all of our wines on the product descriptions….this will help guide you in the right direction for the perfect wine with the perfect dish.
Are your wines gluten-free?
Yes all of our wines are gluten-free.
Are your wines vegan?
Yes, we never use animal by products in any of our wine making methods. We stick to a strict old world organic wine making process.