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5 Classic Brunch and Wine Pairings

Brunch is the perfect excuse to sleep in, meet friends and family for low-pressure socializing, and to drink wine (obviously). 


Sure, maybe mimosas have long been the brunch beverage of choice. But trust us, once you know how to pair your brunch selection with the perfect glass of wine, you’ll be singing a different tune. 

Read on for five delicious wine pairings with a few of our favorite brunch items!

Want to get creative with your own wine pairings? No problem! Take a look at our Wine Pairing 101 guide for tips on creating your own perfect wine pairing.


Sip Rosé To Tame a Fully Loaded Omelette

Some call it a Denver Omelette, others call it the Full Farm Omelette. Whatever the case (or wherever you’re from), we’re talking about a rich omelette jam-packed with ham, peppers, mushrooms, onions, and the perfect amount of cheese. Mmhmm!

While you might think it would be tricky to select a wine that could compete with such complex flavors, we’re actually HUGE fans of a rosé. There’s something about the sweet floral notes that cuts through all the savory elements so beautifully. It cuts through the fat, elevates your palate, and keeps you feeling fresh and ready to tackle every mouthwatering bite.

This particular bottle has notes of rose and raspberry and is light enough to keep you sipping all brunch long.

PALO61, Toscana Rosato IGT No. 10 - SECCO Wine Club


Balance Avocado Toast With Acidic Wine

We don’t know about you, but there’s just something so satisfying about a plate of avocado toast. Whether you’re opting for a slice of keto-bread or a hearty homemade sourdough, adding slices of avocado and a dash of salt and pepper immediately creates a decadent dish that’s surprisingly simple to throw together.

To balance out all the delicious fat from the avocado, we recommend a wine with a good amount of acidity. Something similar to a Sauvignon Blanc would pair beautifully. These traditionally dry wines are very aromatic and tend to have zesty citrus and floral peach notes.

That’s why we’ve selected our Vermentino. It has gorgeous notes of fresh sage and rosemary, while its peach flavors will create a fresh harmony with the creaminess of the avocado. Yes, please!

Vermentino Toscana Santa Lucia - SECCO Wine Club

Vermentino Wine Nutrition | SECCO Wine Club

Love Pancakes? Play With Fruity Flavors to Add Complexity

Does anyone else immediately start fantasizing about stacks of fluffy pancakes whenever they think about brunch? Whether you’re into plain pancakes with butter and syrup or whether you like to jazz things up with bananas, we think the ultimate pairing for these cakes plays around with fruity flavors.

The best part about this pairing is that it works on classic pancakes AND fully-loaded fruity pancakes. We’re talking blueberry pancakes, apple cinnamon pancakes, you name it! 

That’s because our Tenuta Santa Lucia can cut through ANY amount of rich butter or it can create congruent pairings with fruit-forward pancakes. It’s versatile, fresh, and totally mouthwatering.

Tenuta Santa Lucia, Toscano IGT ORGANIC - SECCO Wine Club

Psst! Want to enjoy pancakes without all the carbs? All Day I Dream About Food has a PHENOMENAL Almond-Flour Keto Pancake recipe! Trust us, you won’t miss the carbs.

Savoring a Quiche With Strong Flavors? Sip on Chardonnay

A quiche can have just a few ingredients and yet be bursting with flavor. Sure, you could do a simple spinach and cheddar quiche. But what about something a bit more adventurous? We’re talking about strong cheeses like gruyere, fontina, or even smoked gouda! Add some onions and NOW we’re talking!

The best way to savor these strong flavors is with a medium-bodied wine with moderate acidity and a hint of creaminess. Obviously, we’re talking about a Chardonnay 😉

This particular Chardonnay has the elegant, crisp flavors of pear and apple! Essentially, this pairing is like having some of your favorite cheese and fruit items with every bite and every sip. 

Chardonnay | SECCO Wine Club

Chardonnay Nutritional Info | SECCO Wine Club

Lean Into Savory Flavors and Pair a Breakfast Burrito With Sangiovese

If you’re a master of the savory arts, you’re probably hankering for a thick, fully-loaded breakfast burrito. We’re talking fluffy eggs, juicy sausage and/or bacon, potatoes, onions, peppers—the works! You might even think the only way to enjoy this behemoth of a meal is with a wine that creates contrasting flavors…well, not today!

We’re leaning into the savory flavors with our Castellani Filicheto. This is a dark and harmonious red wine with intriguingly delicate notes of tobacco and violets. The spice from the tobacco highlights juicy, savory notes from sausage or bacon, while the floral notes add a surprisingly elegant addition. 

Trust us. Pour a glass, take a bite, then take a sip. You’ll understand exactly why we chose this wine.

Castellani Filicheto Vino Nobile di Montepulciano - SECCO Wine Club

Castellani Filicheto Vino Nobile di Montepulciano

Brunch Just Got a Whole Lot Better

Want more wine pairing inspiration? Check out our Keto-Friendly Party Recipes complete with wine recommendations! It’s got fresh salads, pizza dip, salsas, and even fajitas. The idea that wine is too elevated for some meals is SO outdated. That’s why we’re so passionate about making delicious wine that’s accessible, low-carb, and free of unnecessary additives and sugar.

Let us know how your wine pairings turned out in the comments! For a chance to be featured on our Social Media, feel free to tag us in your gram-worthy food pics, and don’t forget to stock up on all your favorite bottles for your next food and wine pairing.