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Discover How Low-Carb Living Helped Blogger Carolyn!

Learn why the woman behind All Day I Dream About Food switched to low-carb living PLUS how wine is still a major part of her day!


If you love all things wine, food, and low-carb living, then you’ll LOVE All Day I Dream About Food! We recently had the opportunity to chat with Carolyn, the writer and recipe developer behind this popular corner of the internet, about her low-carb, gluten-free food blog. 

Before managing a trending blog, she received a Master’s degree in Human Evolution and was an Academic Advisor at Boston University. At the moment, she’s happily working on her blog from home while parenting three young children. We don’t know about you, but managing all that is pretty darn impressive (the nightly glass of low-carb wine probably helps too 😉).

Just a few years ago, the keto recipe space was pretty nonexistent. That’s why we’re so grateful for writers and bakers like Carolyn! It wasn’t until after having her third child, however, that she made the switch to low-carb/low-sugar recipes. 

Stick around and discover what made this avid baker switch to a low-carb and low-sugar life PLUS how wine is still a delicious part of her day!

Why Did You Transition To Low-Carb/Low-Sugar?

During her third pregnancy, Carolyn was diagnosed with gestational diabetes and a low-carb, low-sugar diet helped her stay healthy and deliver a beautiful baby girl. As someone who loved to bake, she learned how to use ingredients like almond flour, coconut flour, and alternative sweeteners so she could still eat the desserts and sweets she loved. “Once I learned how these new ingredients behaved, I started creating my own recipes and sharing them. I never imagined it would become so popular!”

If you’ve been part of SECCO Wine Club for a while, you know we believe that food can be medicine—not to mention how delicious food should be! So hearing that Carolyn managed her gestational diabetes by fine-tuning her nutrition immediately warmed our hearts. After her pregnancy, she fully adopted the keto diet to lower her sugar intake and prevent pre-diabetic symptoms. Plus, she still gets to eat the foods she loves. She told us “I wish I’d known how delicious the food can be.”

Keto Stuffed Chicken Breast Recipe | All Day I Dream About Food | SECCO Wine Club

For many with diabetes or pre-diabetes, managing blood sugar can be tricky. While it’s pretty obvious why reducing sugar is important, lowering carb intake is JUST as important. That’s why low-carb foods and beverages are a staple for Carolyn, “As for wine, well…I have a glass of red every night.”

In Carolyn’s experience, along with many others, a single serving of wine can actually help lower blood sugar. This makes it easier “to eat a few more veggies at dinner time without spiking. I don’t over-indulge in either the food or the wine, but they work in tandem to help me control my blood sugars.” 

We don’t know about you, but we think Carolyn is absolutely crushing her healthy lifestyle goals!

What’s Your Must-Have Low-Carb Recreation?

Whenever someone makes a lifestyle change, there are usually one or two items they simply CAN’T live without. For Carolyn, her low-carb must-have items are all about dessert!

“I’m Canadian so it was of the UTMOST importance to re-create Nanaimo bars. If you don’t know what they are, go and Google them! My keto-friendly Nanaimo bars are amazing and readers, both Canadian and otherwise, rave about them.”

Low-carb Nanaimo Bars Recipe | All Day I Dream About Food | SECCO Wine Club

Ice cream was another item Carolyn refused to leave behind on her low-carb journey—and we agree! 

When she started eating low-carb, there weren’t many good options on the market, “Now there are several good brands but I still find that I prefer my own homemade. It’s creamier and it doesn’t get rock hard in the freezer.” If your mouth is watering at the thought (ours certainly is) then definitely check out her Keto Vanilla Ice Cream Recipe!

Favorite SECCO Wine and Food Pairing?

When we found out Carolyn was a fan of our wine, we swooned! Having a vocal low-carb advocate enjoy our wine gave us all the warm fuzzy feelings. So, we simply HAD to ask about her favorite SECCO Wine and food pairings.

Carolyn is a lover of red wines and highly recommended trying her Keto French Onion Meatloaf with ANY of our reds—what a compliment! However, our PALO61 Toscano Rosso is a favorite of hers for this particular dish.

For our white wine lovers, Carolyn recommends her Keto Spinach Stuffed Chicken Breast, and fans of our Palo61 Toscano Rosato can enjoy a crisp glass paired with her luscious Cheesy Keto Stuffed Mushrooms. Is anyone else really hungry all of a sudden?

White Cheddar Stuffed Mushrooms | All Day I Dream About Food | SECCO Wine Club

If that weren’t enough, she also recommends pairing—believe it or not—her Keto New York Cheesecake with any of our wines! Yes. You read that right, people. She has a low-carb, low-sugar CHEESECAKE recipe. Excuse us while we pick our jaws up off the floor.

If You Could Share A Glass…

We think food and wine should be three things—delicious, nutritious, and shared with friends and family! Clearly, Carolyn is of the same opinion. When we asked which three people she would share a glass of wine with, her answers had us both laughing and reaching for the tissue paper.

“My dad, because he loved his wine (clearly it’s hereditary!). I shared many a glass with him in the past.” Her second choice, “My mum, because she also loves her wine and she’s up in Canada. Due to the pandemic, we haven’t seen each other in over 2 years. I do look forward to seeing her soon and sharing a glass of wine.”

When we asked who her celebrity share would be, she admitted, “Daniel Levy, because Schitt’s Creek may be the best show ever to grace the small screen!” And honestly, we couldn’t agree more! The sixth episode of the first season, titled “Wine and Roses,” had us rolling on the floor laughing. Oh, Moira—lol.

Grand Noir wine - SECCO Wine Club

Grand Noir Toscana IGT ORGANIC-stats

All-Time Favorite SECCO Wine…

And finally, when we asked Carolyn which glass of SECCO Wine she chooses to indulge in after a long day, she replied, “I love all the PALO61 wines, but I really really really love the depth of the Grand Noir. It may be my all-time favorite!”

We want to give a HUGE thank you to Carolyn for supporting us, taking the time to chat with us, and for creating such mouthwatering, drool-worthy recipes! Let us know in the comments if you’ve tried any of her recipes and don’t forget to sign up for one of our Subscriptions so you’ll always have a bottle on hand for the perfect wine pairing.