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DIY Fall Wine Tasting Guide

Summer is over and we’re welcoming autumn with new wines and good times. Celebrate with us using our DIY Fall Wine Tasting Guide!


The official start of fall takes place on September 22nd this year, so we’re welcoming in the new season with new wines! Admittedly, we’ll use just about any excuse to sample wine. However, our newest selection is seriously mouthwatering. 

These wines are the result of skilled vintners that have been cultivating grapevines for generations. Sicily, where these wines are created, is a crossroads of cultures and peoples. It’s considered the mother of world viticulture in many ways, and we’re thrilled with the final quality of these wines.

We know we’re not the only ones longing for fall flavors, so we’ve taken all the guesswork out! This guide is designed to give you specific tasting notes for each of our newest wines PLUS food pairing ideas. Get your notepads ready and start prepping for the ultimate fall wine tasting party.

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Merlot and Cheese? Yes, Please!

There’s just something about that first brisk breeze or stepping on a good crunchy leaf that screams fall. It immediately makes us long for scarves and savory snacks. That’s why we’re absolutely obsessed with our new Merlot paired with strong cheeses.

Merlot | SECCO Wine Club

Merlot Nutritional Info | SECCO Wine Club

While merlots tend to have a higher acidity, the red wines from our newest selection are mild and perfect for drinking at any time of day. Think soft tannins with the natural sweetness indicative of the Sicilian region. The first delicate sip of this wine highlights the subtle spice notes. After a moment, however, the flavor of blackberries and red currants will bloom on your palate with the perfect level of sweetness.

This Merlot is fabulous with meats and strong cheeses, so we’re imagining an eclectic charcuterie board. Think pungent cheeses like gorgonzola, brie, or even goat cheese alongside meats like prosciutto or salami. Trust us, this wine can stand up to the powerful flavors of heartier meats and cheeses. 

Chardonnay Calls For Rich, Buttery Sides

For a white wine that’s equally savory, we highly recommend our new Chardonnay made from grape varieties indigenous to Sicily. This area produces some of the best white wines in Italy, and this is no exception.

Chardonnay | SECCO Wine Club

Chardonnay Nutritional Info | SECCO Wine Club

This Chardonnay is beautifully elegant with the crisp flavors of pear and apple. While Chardonnays produced in warm areas can have an almost buttery effect, this particular wine is lighter and more versatile. That being said, we think this bottle would pair beautifully with something rich and buttery.

We’re imagining something along the lines of lobster bisque or mushrooms stuffed with cheese and onions. Honestly, so long as it’s decadent, savory, and has a decent amount of fat, this wine will freshen your palate and keep you snacking all night long.

This Plummy Cabernet Pairs Beautifully with Pork

For something you can really sink your teeth into, we’re pairing our new Cabernet Sauvignon with flavorful, spiced pork dishes. Cabernets are known for noticeable tannins and rich flavors. However, this particular wine is on the softer side and is drinkable all day long.

After you pour a glass of this Cabernet, let it sit for a few minutes so the aromatic compounds can fully bloom. Before your first sip, delicately inhale right above the glass to experience the aroma of lush violets and dark berries. Then delicately sip for a medium-bodied texture and notes of black cherries. 

Cabernet | SECCO Wine Club

Cabernet Nutritional Info | SECCO Wine Club

When it comes to pairing this wine, we’re salivating over the thought of pork with fall-inspired flavors. Something as simple as tossing pork belly bites into the air fryer and then tossing with a simple spiced maple glaze would be absolutely divine! 

Mix together a few tablespoons of organic maple syrup and then mix with chili pepper, paprika, cayenne pepper, garlic powder, and then salt & pepper to taste. Voila! You now have the perfect glaze for a variety of pork dishes. Plus, these flavors pair beautifully with a hearty glass of our plummy merlot.

Snack on Seafood and Pinot Grigio

Our new Pinot Grigio is incredibly versatile and pairs well with fresh seafood sides. Honestly, it’s not a bad idea to include finger foods that create contrasting experiences. Plus, depending on what else you decide to serve, something on the lighter side might be a good idea. 

Pinot Grigio | SECCO Wine Club

Pinot Grigio Nutritional Info | SECCO Wine Club

This Pinot Grigio is perfect for those surprisingly warm fall days. We recommend chilling in the refrigerator for an hour before you want to pour a glass to maximize the crispness of this wine. It has a rich aroma with notes of apple, pear, and just a hint of citrus. You could absolutely enjoy it all by itself or as an aperitif, but a fresh seafood side really elevates this Pinot Grigio.

We recommend something simple. To us, that means sliced cucumbers topped with smoked salmon, a sprinkling of dill, and a skewer. Easy! If you wanted to increase the savory quality of this snack, you could add a spread of cream cheese or ricotta. This is a phenomenal side that looks like it took time to prepare but can be thrown together in minutes. We won’t tell 😉

Balance A Fruity Pinot Noir With Something Savory

And last, but certainly not least, this fruity Pinot Noir is perfect all alone or with something rich and savory. Pinot Noirs are known for being dry, light to medium-bodied, and having smooth tannins and noticeable acidity. Honestly, that all sounds great! So, we stuck with the classics, kept it low-carb, and made sure the flavor was to die for.

Pinot Noir | SECCO Wine Club

Pinot Noir Nutritional Info | SECCO Wine Club

Our dark ruby Pinot Noir is medium-bodied with notes of raspberry, cherries, and a subtle hint of vanilla. The finish? Velvety smooth and luscious. That’s why we’re excited to pair this wine with something savory. Honestly, we would come up with something ourselves, but why bother when All Day I Dream About Food has already come up with the perfect recipe!

We’ll let her give you all the details, but just picture juicy warm steak, brown butter, and fragrant sage with earthy mushrooms. Mmhmm!

Which Wine Is Your Favorite For Fall Wine Tasting?

We won’t lie, we’re really excited to see what you think of our newest wine! Our vintners put their hearts and souls into these bottles, so we want to hear all about your experiences. 

Feel free to give us feedback in the comments below or tag us on Instagram the next time you post a pic of your wine-tasting parties! And, of course, don’t forget to stock up on all your favorite wines.