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Top 5 Italian Wine Benefits

On top of being mouth-watering and delicious, Italian Wine has several key benefits too!


Our vineyards are located in Italy for a reason! Viticulture is a huge part of Italian heritage. The soil and climate are ideal for growing grapes, and the flavors are unique. Eleanor Shannon, a specialist in natural Italian wine, even says, “The joy of ‘terroir’ wine is knowing that when you open a bottle, there is a “story” inside, a story of place and people. The wine has personality.” But did you know that Italian Wine also has potential health benefits as well?


For those who drink our low-carb wine in conjunction with a healthy lifestyle, this is fabulous news. Plus, to reap these benefits you don’t have to do anything special. Just know that when you DO open a bottle to share–or not share, we won’t tell–you’ll be gaining a few added perks aside from great taste. 


1. The Polyphenols in Italian Wine Act as Antioxidants


Italian wine contains polyphenols that act as antioxidants. If you weren’t aware, antioxidants are pretty powerful and can benefit us in a variety of ways. Does that make anyone else want to reach for a wine glass, or is it just us? 


Antioxidants help protect our cells against free radicals (unstable molecules that can cause cell damage). Sometimes free radicals form naturally, like when our bodies use oxygen and create free radicals as a by-product. This is called “oxidative stress.” 


But we also encounter lots of free radicals from environmental sources like pesticides, radiation, certain drugs, and various other pollutants. When we’re younger, our bodies efficiently break down free radicals. However, if you don’t give your body the tools it needs to break them down (like a healthy diet and exercise), free radicals can start damaging your cells and internal organs.


Italian wine, specifically red wine, has antioxidants and antioxidant-like compounds. Polyphenols (flavonoids, phenolic acids, resveratrol, etc.) are a plant compound that, aside from offering various health benefits, can help scavenge free radicals. Sounds good to us!


2. Italian Wine Has Anti-Aging Properties


Some of us may FEEL younger after a glass or two of wine, but it turns out that Italian wine actually possesses anti-aging properties too! 


A woman enjoying a glass of Italian wine.


Researchers at Harvard Medical School have found that the high levels of resveratrol in red wine contribute to its anti-aging properties. The Harvard Gazette even said, “A molecule that is an active ingredient in red wine can slow the aging of human cells. It extends the life expectancy of every organism that, so far, has been fed on it, including yeast, worms, and fruit flies.”


Our skincare obsessed readers may have even noticed more beauty products with red wine in them. Well, it’s not just a gimmick! The antioxidants in red wine may reduce fine lines and wrinkles. 


SELF even says, “More and more beauty brands are coming out with products that contain polyphenols so keep a lookout for serums and creams with polyphenols, grape extracts, or resveratrol…” We love anything that makes us feel better. So if feeling better for you means smoothing out some of those laugh lines, we fully support that!


3. Italian Wine Lowers Cholesterol 


This one sounds too good to be true, but a glass of Italian wine can help lower cholesterol levels. Certain components of red wine (alcohol, resveratrol, and other polyphenolic compounds) have powerful health benefits. In this case, they may reduce oxidative stress and increase the amount of cholesterol that can leave vessel walls while making it harder for new cholesterol to accumulate.


It’s important to remember though, that heavy alcohol consumption or binge drinking, is associated with increased risks of cardiovascular issues. So just like with your healthy lifestyle choices, remember everything in moderation.


4. It May Boost the Immune System


The immune system is vast and affects so many different parts of our bodies. The tried and true method for having a healthy immune system involves eating healthy, exercising, and quality sleep. Buuuuuut adding a glass of wine to your daily regimen could give you an additional boost! 


This benefit owes its success to resveratrol as well. A University of Texas study compared two groups of mice, one with a high-fat diet and the other with a low-fat diet. Within each of those groups, they gave some of the mice high doses of resveratrol and some low doses. The mice with a high-fat diet gained weight, however, those given resveratrol had higher T-cell levels and less fat accumulation. 


The researchers noted that the levels of resveratrol they gave the mice were much higher than what someone might get from a glass of wine. However, over time, moderate red wine consumption may increase T-cells, thus boosting the immune system. 


Other research, from Oregon Health and Science University, shows alcohol may improve a persons ability to fight off infections. We don’t know about you, but that makes our daily glass of wine all the more appealing. 


5. OUR Italian Wine Helps Promote a Balanced Lifestyle


This one might not be true for ALL Italian wine, but it’s definitely true for ours! We were really inspired by the amazing qualities mentioned above, so we focused on making wine with all of the good qualities and none of the bad ones. It’s all about balance!


If you’re sticking to a specific diet and exercise routine to live a healthier life, what’s the point if you don’t actually get to enjoy it! 


Did you just finish a hike with your group of friends? Celebrate with a bottle of Italian wine that evening and get hyped up for your next group activity! When you share a bottle of wine with friends and family, it allows you to revel in all the best parts of life. 

A bottle of Italian PALO61 wine paired with a delicious meal.


When you indulge in Italian wine with no added sugar, you get the best of both worlds. The wine from our Tuscan vineyards is designed to enhance all of your most memorable experiences without holding you back from any lifestyle goals. 


See? Balance. 


The Benefits of OUR Italian Wine


There’s still research being conducted about the many potential health benefits of Italian Wine, but we do know that it contains powerful antioxidants which are beneficial for overall health and wellness. 


At SECCO Wine Club we definitely believe Italian Wine is beneficial. That’s why we worked so hard to make it even better by creating PALO61 Wines with less than three grams of carbs and residual sugar in each bottle. Our wine compliments a variety of lifestyles. So whether you’re following a whole food, paleo, or keto diet, our wine won’t keep you from your goals. 


We believe that true health and happiness is found through balance. Sometimes that means having a glass of wine! 


If you’ve enjoyed any of these Italian wine qualities, be sure to tell us about it in the comments below! Plus, don’t forget to tag us in your next Wine Wednesday pic for a chance to be featured in one of our Instagram stories. 


Cheers! Salute! Santé! Salud! Skål!