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Why Many Are Making The Switch to Low-Carb Wine

Carbs and sugars and additives–OH MY! Make switching to a healthier lifestyle easier (and less scary) by drinking low-carb wine.


Sharing a bottle of wine with friends or family is an event that most of us look forward to. It’s a way to catch up, wind down, and reconnect. In the past, if you were trying to adopt a healthier lifestyle, these events might have been fraught with stress. You want to join in, but don’t want to sacrifice your progress. Now, with Low-Carb Wine, you don’t have to sacrifice anything. 


Health and wellness aren’t just trends anymore–they’re lifestyles. For many, that means carefully selecting what you eat and drink. It also means balancing work and play though. What’s the point of being so healthy if you don’t get to cut loose and do a little living?


That’s why many are making the switch to low-carb, keto-friendly wine. Whether you prefer a keto, Mediterranean, or calorie focused lifestyle, low-carb wine helps people indulge without guilt. 


Keto, low-carb, or paleo…it’s all about “lifestyle”


As we’ve become more educated about nutrition and fitness, it’s pretty common knowledge that short-term diets don’t work. That’s because they’re “short-term.” The second you stop and go back to your old ways, you lose all that progress. That’s why the solution is a “lifestyle” change. 


Eat a low-carb meal with a glass of low-carb wine - SECCO Wine Club


Psychology Today says, “Instead think about a Healthy Eating Plan that you could live with and enjoy for life. The best answer to dieting, then, is a lifelong program of everyday healthy, pleasurable eating coupled with regular exercise.” 


We don’t know about you, but the idea of “pleasurable eating” sounds like it should involve a glass of wine. 


This mentality is already being adopted by younger people. Sanford Health says that for millennials, wellness is one of their main pursuits and they consider it a “lifestyle” as opposed to a “goal-driven diet.” Compared to previous generations, they’re making healthier food choices, exercising more, and smoking less. 


However, having a healthy lifestyle isn’t JUST about the foods you eat. It’s also about getting quality sleep, minimizing stress, and balancing work and home life. Wellness is the process of making choices to help you develop a healthy, fulfilling life. For different people that can mean different things–but you can’t deny that nutrition has a major impact on how you feel.


Regardless of your nutrition preferences, avoiding simple carbs and excess sugar helps you avoid issues like metabolic syndrome, cardiovascular disease, and diabetes. That sounds great, but how exactly does wine still fit into that health-conscious lifestyle?


Everything in Moderation


Oscar Wilde said, “Everything in moderation, including moderation.” Strangely enough, when it comes to wellness, that particular idea is really important. 


Constantly tracking every minute of sleep, every calorie, every sit-up…can be mentally exhausting. Plus, no one is perfect! Eventually, something will happen and you’ll slip up. You’ll forget to meditate in the morning or pack your carefully prepared meal. Then you’ll beat yourself up for “failing.”


But we’ll say it loud and proud–YOU ARE NOT A FAILURE


Life happens and being so strict just means you end up bullying yourself. The relationship you have with yourself is the most important one you’ll ever have, so be kinder to yourself. Know that you deserve to live a healthy lifestyle, but also know that you deserve to treat yourself every once in a while.


The key is finding a way to indulge without completely derailing your goals. THAT is where low-carb wine comes in.


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Low-Carb Wine Helps Support Healthier Lifestyles


First, there are carbs in a LOT of foods and they’re one of your body’s primary sources of energy. But there are different types of carbs. 


Complex carbohydrates are higher in fiber and digest more slowly to give you more energy over a longer period of time. Simple carbohydrates, however, have more sugar and are digested quickly for fast energy. 


One of the biggest pitfalls of carbs, however, is that there are a lot of highly processed, simple carbohydrates that don’t actually have much in terms of nutritional value. Think candy, table sugar, syrups, and soft drinks. They give you a brief burst of energy, but not much else. Plus, afterwards you can experience brain fog from the rapid rise and fall of blood sugar levels. 


So highly processed, simple carbs are problematic for a number of reasons (and for a number of different lifestyle choices). In general, healthier lifestyles involve far less processed, simple carbs. That’s what makes low-carb wine so great!


Drinking Low-Carb Wine on The Keto Diet


The Keto Diet–a low carb, high fat diet– puts the body into a metabolic state called ketosis. This encourages the body to use fat for energy while reducing blood sugar and insulin levels. It also causes the liver to turn fat into ketones (which is where it gets its name). There are several different variations of this diet, but they all involve reducing carbs to promote ketosis.


One of the biggest concerns though, is making sure not to eat anything that will kick you out of ketosis. So does that mean you have to forego happy-hour?


Not at all! However, there are a few items to consider…


Drinking alcohol doesn’t stop ketosis, but it does have an impact on it


Specifically, it slows down ketosis. When you’re in ketosis and you drink alcohol, your liver focuses on metabolizing alcohol instead of fat. So until all of the alcohol has been processed, your body isn’t producing ketones from fat.


You may also feel inebriated more quickly than normal


That’s because a low-carb diet encourages your body to metabolize food more quickly. So alcohol is metabolized quicker as well. You might even be more sensitive to hangovers when drinking on a keto diet.


Some alcohols are more keto-friendly than others


Some alcoholic beverages, like beer, have a lot more carbohydrates than wine or pure spirits. However, if you think you can get away with sticking to zero-carb liquors like vodka, you still have to watch out for those sugary mixers. 


Moderation is even more important when it comes to alcohol


This is true for so many reasons, but for those on the keto diet it’s even more important. We know that you may become inebriated more quickly, so you’ll want to drink less overall. But you also want to avoid the carb-binge that’s so tempting after an evening of excess. 


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Why SECCO Wine Club Makes Low-Carb Wine


Honestly, being intentional about your alcohol consumption is part of ANY healthy lifestyle. That’s why we created our Palo61 Wines.


If you’re familiar with our mission, you know that we firmly believe what we put into our bodies matters. We wanted to create wines that enrich people’s lifestyles–a big part of that means low-carb, no added sugar, and no additives or toxins.


With less than three grams of carbs and residual sugar in each of our PALO61 bottles, our wines are designed to complement lifestyles that balance nutrition, fitness, and mental health. Whether you’re Keto, Paleo, Whole Food, or even just thinking about lowering your carb intake, our wine won’t hold you back from your goals. 


Being part of the SECCO Wine Club means that you’re making healthy choices for your body while still making healthy choices for your mind. A glass of wine can be enjoyed with friends, as part of an evening ritual, or as a celebration. No matter the occasion though, wine is meant to be enjoyed.


Don’t forget to tag us in your next happy hour pic with your Palo61 Wine! And remember, life happens. You never know when you’re going to want to uncork a bottle, so make sure it’s a bottle of low-carb wine.