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Why Wine Delivery Will Be The Hottest Trend of 2021

Being able to have wine delivered made it possible for many of us to quench our wine thirst in 2020, and it looks like the trend will continue! Discover why wine delivery will be the hottest trend of 2021.


Most of us are creatures of habit. We try to maintain some semblance of routine even when the rest of the world feels like it’s in chaos (we see you, 2020!). However, one of the few things that trumps our desire for routine is convenience. This year, that concept led many wine lovers to skip in-person shopping in favor of wine delivery.

We won’t lie, a shopping experience that lets us stay at home in our sweatpants has the SECCO Wine Club seal of approval. But that’s not the only reason why more and more people are turning to wine delivery. Keep reading and discover why wine delivery will be the hottest trend of 2021!

What is Wine Delivery?

It’s exactly what it sounds like! Still not sure about the details? Let us break it down for you…

  • Get online and select your bottle or wine subscription of choice.
  • Place that order!
  • Track your wine so you know exactly when it will be delivered.
  • Sign
  • Pour
  • Sip
  • Enjoy!

Believe it or not, it really is that simple. Plus, there are several other benefits to wine delivery besides simplicity and convenience…


What Are The Benefits of Having Wine Delivered?

Okay, we’ll just say it one more time…wine delivery is so convenient! Before the option was available, we’d have to actually brush out hair and put on real pants to shop for wine. 

Wine delivery means you can safely quench your wine thirst from home - SECCO Wine Club

Right Now, Wine Delivery Helps You Stay Safe

It should come as no surprise that in-person shopping isn’t what it used to be. For now, staying home is one of the safest things you can do to keep yourself and your community safe. Even taking precautions in public by wearing a mask and practicing social distancing isn’t always fool-proof. This is where wine delivery really shines! It allows you to avoid public health hazards while still being able to quench your wine thirst. We’ll drink to that!

Wine Delivery Allows You To Sample A Wide Variety of Wines

If you frequent the same stores, it’s likely that you’ve run into the same bottles of wine again and again. Even vineyards that give you the ability to sample different vintages, will have wine with a similar terroir. Ordering wine online, however, means you have the option to sample wine from all over the world!

While the wine in your region may be sublime, being able to branch out and try a variety of different bottles helps grow your wine knowledge. Plus, they can really take your virtual wine-tasting parties to the next level.

Wine Delivery Can Enhance Your Virtual Happy Hours

If you haven’t read our take on Virtual Happy Hours, you’re missing out! Just because many of us are practicing social distancing doesn’t mean we can’t still enjoy a glass of wine with friends and family. Plus, if you and your friends are attempting to learn more about wine, wine delivery is your best friend.

Attempting to get your hands on the same bottle your friends across the country have can be tricky. While there’s nothing wrong with having a virtual happy hour where everyone tries a different wine, being able to sample the same wine together means you’ll be able to share and discuss your responses to the same bottle. Also, there’s nothing worse than hearing someone describe a delicious wine when you can’t also try that particular wine (the wine envy is real).

Having wine delivered means you can all purchase the same wine, have it delivered, and then coordinate your schedules for a truly stellar wine tasting party. 

Subscription Wine Delivery Services Often Offer Discounts and Other Benefits

While it’s nice to be able to order a random bottle of wine here and there, for true wine lovers, subscribing to a monthly wine delivery service often comes with a host of additional benefits–ours certainly does!

On top of seasonal discounts and offers, being a member of a wine subscription usually means you’ll be getting a better price overall. Plus, having a customer service department dedicated to your satisfaction means any issues will be dealt with promptly. 

Wine delivery gives you more options than you'll find in your local wineries or stores - SECCO Wine Club

How to Master Wine Delivery

To get the most out of your wine delivery experience, there are a few items you should consider…

Shipping Times

We can’t speak for everyone, but our shipping times are pretty consistent. After your order is placed it takes 2 days for our warehouse to process everything. After that, it really just depends on where you live. Our warehouse is on the West Coast, so if you’re on this side of the country you’ll get it in roughly 2-3 business days. Luckily, even our wine lovers on the East Coast don’t have too long to wait (5-7 business days). Plus, to make things even easier for you, you’ll get a tracking number so you’ll know when to expect your delivery. This is particularly important because…

You MUST Sign For Your Delivery

UPS dictates that an adult over the age of 21 must sign for alcoholic deliveries. It doesn’t necessarily have to be YOU that signs, but someone over the age of 21 has to be present to sign for it. If no one can sign for it UPS will try to deliver it again. However, after the third attempt, they’ll hold it at the closest UPS customer center or fulfillment center for five days. You can pick it up there free of charge.

To avoid missing your wine, make sure you’re available (with a valid government ID) to sign for your delivery.

What if Your Wine is Damaged?

While wine deliveries are stored and transported as safely as possible, accidents can still happen. If you notice any issues with your order, immediately stop and take pictures. Then send the images in an email to customer service (for us, that’s We LOVE wine, so we want to make sure that your orders are exactly right!

Conveniently Enjoy Wine in 2021 with Wine Delivery

If 2020 has taught us anything, it’s that we all deserve to make our lives as simple as possible…and also that we deserve a glass of wine EVERY day. Make your life easier in 2021 by having your wine delivered.

Every wine delivery service is different, but we strive to make our process as simple and streamlined as possible. If you have any other questions about our wines, subscriptions, or just have general delivery questions, feel free to contact us or refer to our detailed FAQ page.