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The Definitive Sugar Ranking for SECCO Wine

Refer to the SECCO Wine Sugar Ranking so you’ll always know just how much sugar is in your wine.


Regardless of WHY you want to keep your sugar or carb intake low, knowing how much sugar is in your wine can be immensely helpful. In the past, this was really tricky since many wines on the market had lots of added sugar. To make things even trickier, the lack of labels meant you had to do some serious detective work to track down just how many grams of carbs and sugar were in each glass. 

If you’ve been part of SECCO Wine Club for a while, you already know that we’ve remedied that issue with our low-carb wines that are free of added sugar—just check the label 😉

That doesn’t mean that you might still not want something with a hint of sweetness in it. If you’re looking for a low-sugar wine that’s still packed full of sweet and floral aromas, then definitely refer to our Sweet Wine Guide. If you want to compare ALL of our wines and see a ranking from most to least sugar…keep reading.

Know how much sugar is in your wine | SECCO Wine Club

“Sweetest” SECCO Wines

We won’t lie, we’re really proud of this category. Yes, the bottles in this particular group are the ones that have the “most” sugar out of our entire selection. However, compared to the majority of wine on the market, some of these bottles have less than half of that amount of sugar. 

So, even if you’re craving one of these “sugary” bottles, fear not. They all still have less than half a gram of sugar in each glass.

Chianti DOCG

The medium-bodied wine has just .45 grams of sugar, 1.2 grams of carbs, and 126.45 calories in each glass. It’s also deliciously berry-forward with notes of cherries and blackberries.

Guadalmare, Morellino di Scansano

This bottle is the result of careful selection in the zone of production situated in the Southern part of Tuscany. It’s particularly aromatic with notes of blackberries, cherries, and violet. Plus, each glass has just .45 grams of sugar, 1.2 grams of carbs, and 126.45 calories.

Tenuta Ceppaiano, “Alle Viole”

With just .45 grams of sugar, 1.22 grams of carbs, and 122.33 calories in each glass, this bottle is perfect for lovers of herbaceous wines with notes of dark berries and oranges.

Vermentino Toscana

For those who enjoy a nice Sauvignon Blanc, our Vermentino is the perfect option. With .45 grams of sugar, 1.2 grams of carbs, and just 123.63 calories in each glass, its gorgeous aroma of fresh sage and rosemary, with fruity peach flavors is sure to please.

Tenuta di Cappaiano, Toscana

The aromatic notes of litchi, raspberry, and rose make this bottle a luscious treat. It has just .45 grams of sugar, 1.23 grams of carbs, and 122.55 calories in each glass.

Guadalmare, Morellino di Scansano DOCG - SECCO Wine Club

Still “Sweet” But Less Sugar

The bottles in this category are some of our most popular. Although, to be honest, there’s a wildly popular bottle in EACH category. To be fair, however, these are the ones we regularly hear positive feedback about. Plus, they’re phenomenal pairing options if you’re a foodie as well as a wine lover.

Pinot Grigio

With only .44 grams of sugar in each glass, this wine is still surprisingly fruity. It has a rich, fruity aroma of apple and pear with the perfect hint of citrus. It’s clean, crisp, and undeniably fresh.

Pinot Noir

This dark, ruby wine is medium-bodied with mouthwatering fruity flavors and a texture that can only be described as velvety. Plus, you can’t beat a glass of wine with just .42 grams of sugar, 1.17 grams of carbs, and only 124 calories.

Chianti Superiore

Ripe fruits and floral notes of violet give this bottle a surprisingly complex flavor you’ll find yourself coming back for again and again. It has just .4 grams of sugar, 1.14 grams of carbs, and 120.3 calories in each glass.

Castellani, Pinot Grigio

To enhance the sweet notes of apple, peach, and even hawthorn, serve this exquisite bottle chilled. It’s fresh, crisp, and tastes like it has way more than .4 grams of sugar in each glass.

Grand Noir

With its unforgettable flavor and just .38 grams of sugar per glass, it’s no wonder that this is one of our most popular bottles. Its black pepper and balsamic notes give it that classic pinot noir flavor, while subtle blueberry and strawberry flavors give it the perfect touch of sweetness

La Cattura Toscana

While it’s milder than a traditional Pinot Noir, the notes of white pepper, peaches, and raspberry make this bottle a complex tasting experience. It has just .38 sugars in each glass, but the subtle truffle flavor will have you savoring every last sip. 

Pinot Noir | SECCO Wine Club

Let’s Take The Sugar Down Another Notch

These wines certainly aren’t devoid of sugar, but we’re getting closer and closer to our least sugary bottles. What’s even better is that many of these bottles are classics! You can’t go wrong with a good Merlot, Chardonnay, or even a Cabernet.


If you love the soft finish and easy tannins of a classic merlot, our Merlot option is just the thing. With .35 grams of sugar, its fruity aroma of blackberry and red currant is deceptively sweet with the perfect hint of spice.

Santa Lucia Toscana Bianco

With just .35 grams of sugar, you’ll love the sweet tropical notes of pineapple and banana complemented by a floral fragrance of acacia and hay. Similar to a chardonnay, it has moderate acidity and a medium body.


You’ll find everything you love about full-bodied, fruit-forward cabernets in this bottle. It has a distinctive bouquet of violets and blackberries and only .33 grams of sugar, 1.08 grams of carbs, and just 120 calories per glass.


This Chardonnay is versatile, soft, delicate, and it’s an absolute pleasure when paired with pasta, seafood, and a variety of white meats. It has just .33 grams of sugar and the notes of pear and apple are crisp and elegant.

Fattoria di Travalda

For a wine with just .3 grams of sugar in each glass, this bottle is surprisingly dessert-like. Fattoria di Travalda beautifully blends chocolate, coffee, and berries with subtle aromatics of jasmine and geranium.

Castellani Chianti

Another deceptively sweet wine, the Castellani Chianti has just .29 grams of sugar in each glass. The dark chocolate and black cherries flavors will have you seriously doubting that though.

Chardonnay | SECCO Wine Club

Low-Carb Lovers Peep These Wines!

We’re ALMOST done, but these wines deserve a serious shoutout. They’re packed full of flavor and this mix has a little bit of everything. Want to enjoy a glass all on its own to celebrate the end of the work day? Got it! Need the perfect wine to pair with a meal? Check!

PALO61, Toscano Rosso

This bottle is an intense, spicy red, but don’t let that deter you! Its cherry notes have made it an all-time favorite among wine lovers who prefer the sweet, tartness of cherries. Having only .26 grams of sugar in each glass is just a bonus.

Castellani Filicheto Vino Nobile di Montepulciano

With just .24 grams of sugar, this bottle is perfect for those looking for a wine that’s completely different. It’s a dark, harmonious red with surprisingly delicate notes of tobacco and violets.

Tenuta Santa Lucia

Lovers of blueberries rejoice! It’s a hard flavor to get just right, but this wine does it justice. This medium-bodied wine is surprisingly fresh with intense notes of blueberries, cherries, and only .24 grams of sugar per glass.

Guadalmare, Maremma Toscana

Whether you like to enjoy a glass all on its own or by pairing it with your favorite meal, this wine will fit the bill. Think lively cherries and chocolate with just .23 grams of sugar in each glass.


Our ALIBEA has light and fruity flavors that more than make up for the low alcohol content. While it only has .21 grams of sugar, the light flavors of strawberries, raspberries, and pepper won’t leave you feeling unsatisfied.

Supertuscan Tenuta di BurchinoToscana

The flavors of this soft, round wine are surprisingly complex with surprisingly deep aromatics. Notes of dark chocolate, balsamic, and berries will have you double-checking the label to make sure it really only has .21 grams of sugar in each glass.

PALO61 Toscano Rosso | SECCO Wine Club

Wines With Barely Any Sugar!

You made it! These last three bottles are the ones with the LEAST amount of sugar in our entire collection. What’s even better is that they’re mouthwatering and perfect for pairing.

Compomaggio Chianti Classico

Chianti lovers everywhere will appreciate the dry balsamic notes and dark red fruit flavors in this wine. It only has .19 grams of sugar in each glass, it’s incredibly well-balanced and juicy with good tannins. Enjoy!

PALO61, Toscana Bianco

This bottle has something for everyone. It’s a phenomenal pairing wine (try it with salads, white meats, and fish!) and it’s incredibly satisfying all on its own. With .18 grams of sugar in each glass, you’ll want to slowly savor the floral, balsamic flavors in each sip.

PALO61, Toscana Rosato

And finally, with just .16 grams of sugar in each glass, our PALO61, Toscana Rosato has the LEAST amount of sugar in any of our wines. If you’re a fan of medium-bodied wines with delicate notes of raspberry and rose…you’re going to LOVE this wine.

PALO61 Toscana Rosato | SECCO Wine Club

Kick Sugar Without Sacrificing Delicious Wine

Searching for a low-sugar wine shouldn’t be so hard. In fact, it really shouldn’t be a struggle to find nutritional information for ANYTHING you put into your body. That’s why we work so hard to offer wine with nutritional information. Plus, you don’t even have to be an official member to purchase our wines (although the subscription perks really speak for themselves). 

Don’t forget to follow us for updates (Psst! That’s where we announce a lot of our sales!) and stock up on all your favorite bottles.